The Studentship Agreement

An important aim of attending sixth form is to achieve good examination results. This will enable you to progress to the next stage which could either be to gain entry to Higher Education or obtain a better job/apprenticeship than you would have done at the end of Year 11.

If Aquinas College is to be successful in helping you achieve your potential then it is important that you not only fulfil the obligations as laid down in the Student – College agreement (see the college website) but also you agree to the more specific requirements of the studentship agreement.

As part of my commitment to my studies and to Aquinas College I agree to

  • Attend all sessions as indicated on my timetable (on site or virtual,) or as instructed by staff;
  • Arrive punctually, with the correct equipment;
  • Organise my independent study time carefully so that no time is wasted and set work is done thoroughly and submitted on time, be prepared to catch up on missed work or re-do work in ‘more’ sessions;
  • Complete work beyond that which is set (5 hours per subject,) so as to develop a wider understanding of the subject being studied;
  • Ensure that any part-time work commitments will not interfere with my academic studies;
  • Organise routine medical/dental appointments outside the normal college day
  • Inform my group tutor and subject tutors in advance if I know I am going to be away from college and complete any work that I miss;
  • Ask a parent or guardian to phone the college student reception each morning if I am too ill to attend college;
  • Treat all members of the Aquinas community with respect;
  • Treat all areas of the building and equipment appropriately;
  • Uphold the College’s core values and respect the College’s behaviour policy;
  • Adhere to all social distancing guidance and safety measures during COVID 19

I understand that all the above will be monitored by my teachers, group tutor and my senior tutor. Any issues will be discussed with me and my parents/guardians will be contacted.

The College will treat you impartially at all times and always act with professional integrity towards you. The College will always maintain your personal information and data confidential unless required by law or you have given us consent to disclose to relevant authorities.

Our joint success will depend upon the level of co-operation between staff and students, both as individuals and as a group. Both have obligations which must be taken seriously.

If you do not consistently meet the College’s expectations, fail to adhere to our core values or behaviour policy, or it is felt that you do not make reasonable progress, you will jeopardise your place at the College.

Studentship agreement 2020