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  1. Access to HE Diploma

    Access to HE Diploma

    Are you interested in finding out more information about the Access to Higher Education Diploma?   We are happy to meet you to have a quick chat before you decide to apply.  There may be some questions you need to clarify first, not a problem.  Just email or phone to

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  2. Access to HE; GCSEs; AAT – dates to apply

    Access to HE; GCSEs; AAT – dates to apply

    Are you considering applying for a course starting in September 2018? We are taking applications as follows for our courses: Access to Higher Education Diploma (Human Biology/Psychology):    From 5th March 2018 GCSEs in English Language, Maths Foundation/Higher, Combined Science Trilogy:  From 16th April 2018 AAT in bookkeeping and accounting

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