Art & Craft

When can I attend?

Not available September, January or April 2017-18.

However if you wish to express your interest in the course, email:  [email protected]

Course Description:

This course is for anyone wanting to explore their creativity through craft and textiles with a contemporary approach. Using traditional and modern techniques and materials your tutor will help you develop your own individual style through a broad range of activities and projects both 2D and 3D creating a range of unique pieces that could be decorative, usable & wearable.

Produce a range of hand embroidery & machine stitches for embellishment & decorative pieces including applique, quilting, free machine stitches & dissolvable fabrics

Explore a range of fabric dyeing and painting techniques, experimenting with shibori, batik & silk painting, using manufactured inks & dyes  alongside producing your own natural plant & rust dyes

Produce a range of printed background’s (fabric and paper wood) exploring lino printing, stencils and variety of image image transfer techniques. Experimenting with repeat pattern, distress and paint techniques

  • Explore a variety of materials such as macrame cord, cotton rope, porcelain & wood to produce a number of 3D pieces