Computing made easy – Beginners

Do you feel left behind with digital technology? Then this course might be for you.

The course is aimed at people who would like to feel confident in basic computer use.  You will be studying things like:

  • internet basics
  • shopping online
  • booking a holiday
  • e-mail
  • downloading photos off your camera
  • basic word processing
  • basic spreadsheets
  • social networking
  • keeping your computer secure (and copyright)

When can I attend?

Monday Evening 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm
(Available in Autumn, Spring and Summer terms)

Actual fee Autumn term:                              Full fee £138.00         Benefit fee:  £65.50

Actual spring term fees:                                Full fee £116.50        Benefit fee:  £55.50

Estimated summer term fees:                     Full fee £116.50         Benefit fee:  55.50