ICT Intermediate Microsoft Office Skills

This course is to help you gain and develop skills and knowledge in the practical uses of the most up to date Microsoft Office 2013 software packages. There are no examinations, you have the flexibility of choosing to study one, or all of the four packages offered and you will be working at Intermediate level.  You will work on one package each enrolment until you have covered sufficient material for your needs before you move onto another software package.  This may mean enrolling for more than one term.

The course enables you to become competence in the use of Microsoft Office software skills which are recognised and asked for by employers. The knowledge and skills gained from these packages would enhance your CV for job applications or your personal career development. The course can also be used as a ‘refresher’/update on the latest software.

The course offers tuition in the following Microsoft Office 2013 software packages:

  • Word Processing – this package is ideal for preparing letters, flyers and invitations
  • Publisher – this package is a creative package enabling you to produce flyers, leaflets etc.
  • Spreadsheets – this package is useful for preparing home budgets
  • Database – this package is used for developing a data recording package useful for record keeping and reporting

The course is offered in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. You can join at the start of any term.

The course is aimed at intermediate level students, therefore a basic knowledge of using a computer is required.

When does the course run:              Tuesday evening 6.00 to 8.00 pm

Autumn Term Enrolment:     FROM Monday 6 August 2018 onward

Phone 0161 419 9163 or call into college to enrol in person.


Actual Autumn term fees:                                                Full fee £143.00          Benefit fee £67.75

Actual spring term fees:                                                    Full fee £132.00          Benefit fee £62.50

Estimated summer term fees:                                         Full fee £121.00          Benefit fee £57.25