We offer a range of Russian language levels to suit beginner through to a higher conversation level.  You will be taught a range of topics designed to help you when travelling, going on holiday, communicating with relatives, using the language for business etc.

All our language courses run from September to July.  For rusty and higher conversation levels, there may be an opportunity to enrol mid course—call 0161 419 9163 to enquire

Autumn Term Enrolment:     FROM Monday 6 August 2018 onward
Phone 0161 419 9163 or call into college to enrol in person.






Full fee £ Benefit

Fee £

Full fee £ Benefit

Fee £

Full fee £

Benefit fee £

Actual Monday 99.00 47.00  99.00  47.00
Estimated Monday 74.25 35.25


 Class times/evenings: Level: Monday evening  Tuesday evening
Russian (3 term course)
Beginner 7.30 – 9 pm Sept – July
Higher Conversation 6 – 7.30 pm   Sept—July