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Sport and Fitness Courses

We offer a range of sport and fitness courses you can take part in and either learn something new or improve on existing skills.

You enrol in September for these courses and depending upon numbers enrolling we hope to keep the course open for three terms. However you will pay on a termly basis (3 times per year).

It may be possible to join one of these courses part way through. However this is dependent upon previous experience.

Please telephone the centre (0161 419 9163) for availability.

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  • Men’s Fit Fix

    This is a bespoke course with training catered to the inidivdual.  Classes will endorse a variety of workouts including: Circuit-training Gym work Indoor & out activities Sports including: Tennis Badminton Football Basketball You will enjoy a relaxed & fun environment with an intense yet, achievable workout Learning Outcomes:  the course

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  • Pilates

    Each Pilates class starts with exercises that concentrate on breathing and regaining the correct position of the spine and pelvis. Once you’re all set up, we start the fun stuff; exercises designed to challenge your balance, co-ordination and stamina. Pilates relies on using relatively small movements to exhaust specific muscles.

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  • Yoga

    Yoga helps to restore accessory movements to your joints and increases vitality, strength and offers a sense of well-being.  It is a simple and effective way of keeping the joints open; stretching out all the kinks and bends we develop with the passing years.  In short it keeps your joints

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