Exam Handbooks

Careful preparation, revision and an understanding of what to expect when taking written exams, non examination or controlled assessments are key to exam success.

The information below has been produced to help students avoid any problems and achieve their best on exam days and in non examination or controlled assessments.


Student Exams Handbook – Written Exams

The Student Exams Handbook November 2021 | January 2022 contains information about what to do if a student is running late or feeling unwell, what equipment they should bring, their conduct in an exam room, what constitutes as unauthorised equipment eg MOBILE PHONES, WATCHES – results release dates and Post Results Services.

This handbook also contains the regulatory information published by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) which is issued to students annually.  These documents have been written to ensure that students stay within examination regulations.


Exams Handbook November 2021 | January 2022

Student Exams Handbooks – Non Examination Assessments & Coursework/Controlled Assessments

Some courses delivered in College contain a Non Examination or Coursework/Controlled Assessment unit, this measures subject specific knowledge and skills that cannot be tested by timed written examinations.

These handbooks include an overview of the stages of the assessment process and regulatory information published annually by the JCQ that tells students about the things that they can and cannot do when producing work for marking.

Students will receive more detailed information about these assessments and internally set deadlines for the submission of work from their subject tutor at the start of the course.

Remember - failure to comply with exam rules and regulations will result in disqualification from an exam and possibly ALL exams