My Aquinas

My Aquinas Parent Portal is the College’s online portal for parents and carers. You can see your daughter/son’s attendance, progress reviews, exam timetable and other information.

To log in to the parent portal click below. If you are logging on for the first time please read the registration leaflet below


Guide to Registering on MyAquinas

My Aquinas FAQ

  • It says my email address is not on file
    • You need to use the email address that your son/daughter gave us when they enrolled. If you wish to change your email address or you think we have the wrong one – email [email protected] quoting your daughter/son’s full name and date of birth.

  • The portal is only showing information for a student who has left
    • If you have an additional student with us you need to add them to your account. Click Add Student on the top left of the menu and you should see an option to add them to your account.

      If there is no option to add them then they have given us a different parental email address. Email [email protected] quoting the student’s full name and date of birth, with the email address you would like to use

  • Can I have more than one account for one student?
    • Parents/carers can have one account per postal address.

      If both parents/carers are at the same address we can currently only support one email address – and therefore one account on the parent portal.

  • Do I need a separate login for each student at Aquinas?
    • No – you can have multiple students on one account. If you have multiple current students when you register it should add them all when you register.

      If you already have an account and an additional student enrols, you need to add them to your account.

      To add a student log in and click Add student on the top right of the menu.

      To switch between students click Change student on the menu.

      NB The system will only pick up additional students if they give us the same parental email address on enrolment – if you find you cannot add a student it is probably because they gave us a different email address – contact [email protected] quoting the student’s name and date of birth to change the parental email address.

  • How can I change my email address?
    • Please email [email protected] with your son/daughter’s full name and date of birth along with the email address you want to use.

      When your email address has been changed you will need to re register on the parent portal.