Environmental Science

Environmental Science has never been more relevant. The over exploitation of our planets physical and biological resources is having a massive impact on the atmosphere, climate, water systems, land and wildlife. Those students who enjoy a multidisciplinary approach to learning and have a keen interest in the sustainability of our planet will enjoy this engaging and thought provoking subject. You will use a combination of case studies, field work and research to develop your key skills including numeracy, communication, team work and critical thinking.

  • Course Outline

      Year 1

      The Physical Environment
      Energy Resources
      Research Methods; including a 3 / 4 day residential field trip to North Wales

      Year 2

      The Physical Environment
      Energy Resources
      Research Methods; including a 3 / 4 day residential field trip to North Wales

      How is the course assessed?
      2 written examinations at the end of 2 years; each paper is 50% of the A level. A combination of multiple choice and short answer questions, extended writing and essays

      Students will be expected to draw on knowledge and understanding of the entire course on study to show a deeper understanding of the interconnections between topics.


  • Career opportunities and further study
    • Environmental Science provides an ideal base for employment, for example ecology and wildlife conservation, land management, town planning, architecture, forestry, geology or climatology. Maybe you’d like to work for a charity like Greenpeace or work for a Wildlife Trust. What about environmental management, education or law?

      Alternatively you could use your A-Level in Environmental Science as the stepping stone for higher education in a very wide variety of courses, including degrees in geography, geology, marine science, climate studies, planning and teaching, or a degree in environmental science.

  • Trips and Events
    • There are a number of trips to enhance your learning, including a COMPULSORY  3 / 4 day residential ecology field trip to Wales in year 1. Cost approx £230.

      Other trips include Conservation workshops at Chester Zoo, Stockley Organic Farm, Manchester University Sustainability workshop and Manchester Waste Recycling Facility.

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What our students say

I am now more aware of the world around us and the issues we face, I've been inspired to go and do something about it; hopefully I'll get to visit some cool places along the way too