Extended Project

The Extended Project is a level 3 qualification introduced in September 2008. It allows students to expand on a particular area of their study that they find interesting. The project is started in February of L6 and completed in January of U6. Some students will take the EPQ as part of the AQ Scholars course. The piece can take any of the following forms:

  • Report
  • Dissertation
  • Artefact
  • Performance
  • Course Outline
    • The subject and content of the piece is highly flexible. Students who take this can extend upon a current programme of study, research a hobby, or link it to their chosen university course.

      Students will have a weekly timetabled session with their supervisor. This will consist of some teaching of key skills such as referencing, researching ans writing an extended report. There will also be time for one to one advice sessions on the student’s own project.

      Students who take the Extended Project will sharpen their skills in research, planning, presentation and communication. These skills will better prepare them for the demands of university or employment. Completion of the project will appeal to university admissions tutors, making applications stand out from the crowd. Grades for Extended Projects are worth UCAS points equalling:

      • A* – 28 Points
      • A – 24 Points
      • B – 20 Points
      • C – 16 Points
      • D – 12 Points
      • E – 8 Points

      Many universities take the Extended Project into account when offering places and some will give reduced offers in the other A level grades, alongside an A or B in the Extended Project

  • Career opportunities and further study
    • The EPQ is particularly useful for those students applying for competitive courses such as Medicine and Law. It allows you to demonstrate independent study skills which are much in demand.  You will also be able to study an area linking to the career area that you wish to follow.

  • Trips and events
    • A day’s visit to Manchester University takes place in November which allows students access to the University Library resources.

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Entry Requirements 2019

You can download provisional entry requirements for 2019 courses below. Please note that your enrolment on to a particular course must be approved by the Head of that department.

What our students say

I’ve learnt so much about time management. It’s been hard work but I’ve enjoyed researching a topic I’m really interested in.