The WJEC-Eduqas A level in Geology is a linear course which starts in September 2017 with a final exam at the end of two years. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the knowledge and understanding required for a study of the Earth, its structures, evolution and dynamics as preparation for further study at University or for its own enjoyment. Practical work within the specification is is one of the attractions of geology and a minimum of 4 days is spent on fieldwork.

  • Course Outline
    • The core aspects of this course introduce eight geological concepts:

      • Elements, minerals and rocks
      • Surface and internal processes of the rock cycle
      • Time and change
      • Earth structure and global tectonics
      • Rock forming processes
      • Rock deformation
      • Past life and past climates
      • Earth materials and natural resources

      There are three themes which integrate and develop the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired in the core aspects. These are:
      two compulsory themes:

      • Geohazards
      • Geological map applications
        and a choice of one from the following:

        • Quaternary geology
        • Geological evolution of Britain
        • Geology of the lithosphere

      As with the other sciences, the assessment of practical competency is by a non-examined Practical Endorsement.

  • Career opportunities and further study
    • Oil and mineral Industries



      Water Industry


  • Trips and Events
    • Iceland

      Alderley Edge/Styal



      Attendance at local geological lectures

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Entry Requirements 2019

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What our students say

“Thanks to Aquinas, I am currently studying geology at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada”