Media Studies

The Eduqas A Level Media Studies at Aquinas College is 30% coursework and 70% exam, over two years.
2 exams will be sat at the end of the second year with the coursework being completed towards the end of the first year.

Students that take A Level Media Studies find that they are challenged in different ways to other subjects. We study areas of representation including gender, sexuality, age and ethnicity in a range of cultures, and how audiences are manipulated by the makers of media products (an important skill in the age of social media!).

We also study the effect of colonialism on African American, British and African cultures, and consider the historical impact of patriarchy on advertising, film and TV using a number of engaging set products such as American hip hop music videos and film.

The practical component of the course consists of a main product and a linked supporting product that must be created individually. This could be a sequence for an original TV programme with a supporting billboard, or film advertisement with a supporting website.

Student feedback for the subject is very positive, as evidenced from the quotes below and in the Aquinas prospectus. Due to the excellent technician support and facilities here, our students create some of the strongest practical work in the North West: to reward this we hold an awards ceremony, The AFTAS, each year to celebrate our passionate students. We also have very strong results and are currently and ALPS 3 subject.

We look forward to seeing you!

  • Course Outline
    • Exam 1: (Products, Industries and Audiences: 90 marks)

      • Analysis of an unseen print or audio visual text
      • Analysis of set texts. These may be newspapers, advertising campaigns radio programming or films

      Exam 2: (Media Forms and Products in Depth)

      • Apply and evaluate media theories such as Roland Barthes and Christian Metz to set texts.
      • Television in the Global Age (Humans and The Returned)
      • Magazines: Mainstream and Alternative Media (Woman’s Realm and Huck)
      • Media in the Online Age: (Zoella and Attitude)

      Coursework: set briefs will be released every March, covering a range of practical and academic bases e.g:

      • Music video
      • Film advertising and website
      • Magazine and accompanying blog
  • Careers Opportunities & Further Study
    • Most students that choose a Media – based route after college go on to complete apprenticeships and degrees at Salford University for it’s close proximity to Media City. There is an increasing number of students that choose to go straight into employment at advertising and design agencies such as McCann. Students also choose practical film making courses all over the country, journalism, advertising and marketing degrees.

  • Trips & Events
    • During their first year Media students can visit Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio, in London. In the second year students have the opportunity to visit New York.

      Media students go on cinema trips as well as university and library visits

      We have the annual Aquinas Film and TV Awards ceremony (AFTAS) for outstanding students and the Media Conference where industry professionals speak to our students

  • Useful Links

Entry Requirements 2019

You can download provisional entry requirements for 2019 courses below. Please note that your enrolment on to a particular course must be approved by the Head of that department.

What our students say

I’d like to thank the Media department so so much, Jack and Sheena especially as they gave me a passion that I didn’t know I could have. They showed me which direction I wanted to go in life with their dedication to teaching and their way of making learning so enjoyable. I can’t thank you enough

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