Music Technology

Music technology is the perfect subject choice for anyone who wishes to be involved in the huge music production industry. Yet it is also a valuable qualification for entrance into other careers too. It is a creative/IT combination subject.

Multi-media is a huge employment area and can only become more important as the role of the internet grows in all areas of life. Already, creative individuals who are computer literate are in demand in the work marketplace. The skills learned in this subject are also extremely useful and enriching generally, both in the work place and for pleasure.

Below is an example of student work. Students were asked to compose to film using sounds they had created from scratch using synthesis techniques.

  • Course Outline
    • Component 1: Recording (20%)

      Students will capture, edit and mix one recording, chosen from a list of 10 songs. There will be 5 compulsory instruments to record and 2 optional instruments.

      Component 2: Technology-based composition (20%)

      Students will choose one brief from three set briefs and compose a technology-based composition. Synthesis and sampling/audio manipulation and creative effects use must be included.

      Component 3: Listening and analysing written exam (25%)

      Students will answer questions that require knowledge and understanding of recording and production techniques and principles, in the context of a series of unfamiliar commercial recordings supplied by the board.

      Component 4: Producing and analysing written and practical exam. (35%)

      Students will answer questions and perform production tasks that require knowledge and understanding of editing, mixing and production techniques.

  • Career Opportunities & Further Study
    • Careers; Sound engineer, producer, composer, radio, sound designer, technician, acoustician.

      Further study; Music Production, Pop Music, Electronic Music, Acoustics.

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Entry Requirements 2019

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What our students say

I find it really interesting and it is different from other subjects

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