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  • Core Maths – Certificate in Mathematical Studies Level 3

    The Core Maths qualification is for students who have passed GCSE Mathematics at grade 4 or above but have decided not to study A Level mathematics. The qualification strengthens students’ existing skills and focuses on applying mathematics to solve problems relevant to everyday life. It is about students doing meaningful

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  • Creative Media Production BTEC

    The BTEC in Creative Media Production offers students a practical alternative to the theory based A-level media course by focusing on industry standard production skills within television and film. Students on the course will have the opportunity to plan, develop and produce a range of audio-visual products such as television

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  • Criminology

    This course is an investigation into crime, criminality and the criminal justice system. The course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and will appeal to anyone who is interested in understanding and explaining criminal behaviour. Students who have a keen interest in the psychology and sociology of crime will

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  • Drama and Theatre

    OCR’s A Level qualification in Drama and Theatre is a practical, engaging and creative specification. It will provide opportunities to examine drama and the work of others, to explore a range of plays, and to create drama performances. The main purpose of the qualification is to allow students to study

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  • Economics

    Economics is concerned with the activities of different groups such as consumers, businesses and governments. It examines issues which are increasingly dealt with in the media such as debt, recession, unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, taxation, prices, the euro and much more. Economics is relevant to the real world and is

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  • English Language

    English Language is a two year linear course that explores topics associated with English Language such as how we acquire it from birth, how it varies in different regions and how English is structured. If you are interested in why people talk and write like they do, or are curious

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  • English Language and Literature

    If you enjoy reading and discussing literature but also have an interest in linguistic approaches to language, you will enjoy this course. English Language and Literature is a two year linear course that allows you to engage with all three literary genres (poetry, prose and drama) but also allows you

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  • English Language GCSE

    We offer a highly supportive and well-resourced one year course which is suitable for those students who have previously gained a Grade 3 in GCSE English Language and who would like to achieve grade 4 or higher in this subject.

  • English Literature

    If you enjoy reading and discussing literature, you will enjoy this course. You will gain a detailed understanding of a broad range of poetry, prose and drama, while developing different critical approaches which can be used in reading and analysis. It is therefore essential that you are prepared to read

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  • Environmental Science

    Environmental Science has never been more relevant. The over exploitation of our planets physical and biological resources is having a massive impact on the atmosphere, climate, water systems, land and wildlife. Those students who enjoy a multidisciplinary approach to learning and have a keen interest in the sustainability of our

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  • Extended Project

    The Extended Project is a level 3 qualification introduced in September 2008. It allows students to expand on a particular area of their study that they find interesting. The project is started in February of L6 and completed in January of U6. Some students will take the EPQ as part

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  • Film Studies

    The WJEC Eduqas specification is designed to introduce A level learners to a wide variety of films in order to broaden their knowledge and understanding of film and the range of responses films can generate. This specification therefore offers opportunities to study mainstream and independent American and British films from

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