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  • History (all periods)

    A level History is about analysis, not just describing what happened. What factors caused a particular event, and what evidence is there to support a particular historical interpretation? Over the two years students gain a good understanding of the historical process. A level students will be required to study topics

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    The BTEC ICT course offers a specialist qualification that focuses on particular aspects of employment within the appropriate IT vocational sector. The qualification is practical in nature, there are no exams and students are required to build a portfolio of evidence to achieve the qualification. The BTEC Level 3 ICT

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  • Japanese GCSE

    This one year course will enable you to: use the language creatively and imaginatively use the language effectively for purposes of practical communication given an insight into the culture and civilisation of Japan

  • Law

    The A-level Law course covers a variety of interesting topics. The course takes you from how laws are made, the people who work in the legal system, the criminal law, civil law, human rights and the nature of law. This course is assessed by three exams at the end of

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  • Mathematics

    This course is for those who enjoy the challenges of mathematics and want an A level which is highly thought of by both employers and universities. You will further develop familiar mathematical topics learned at GCSE such as algebra, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry and probability. New topics introduced at A level

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  • Mathematics GCSE

    This compulsory course is suitable for those students who have previously gained grade 2 or 3 in GCSE Mathematics and who would like to achieve a grade 4 or 5. Please note that anyone who has achieved a grade 2 or 3 in GCSE Mathematics is automatically enrolled onto this

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  • Mathematics Level 1

    This compulsory course is suitable for those students who have previously gained grade 1 in GCSE Mathematics or who have not sat a GCSE Mathematics exam, e.g. students who have done level 1 or entry level Mathematics before coming to Aquinas College. Please note that anyone who has not achieved

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  • Media Studies

    The Eduqas A Level Media Studies at Aquinas College is 30% coursework and 70% exam, over two years. 2 exams will be sat at the end of the second year with the coursework being completed towards the end of the first year. Students that take A Level Media Studies find

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  • Music

    Music A Level supports students in forming personal and meaningful relationships with music through the development of musical knowledge, understanding and skills including performing, composing and appraising. Students are encouraged to engage critically and creatively with a wide range of music and musical contexts. This qualification also allows students to

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  • Music (Performance) BTEC

    BTEC Music (Performing) is the ideal qualification to gain a base for further training and employment within the music business. The aim of the course is to improve your technical and performance expertise on your instrument. You will spend the majority of lessons engaged in rehearsal and performance work; exploring

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  • Music Technology

    Music technology is the perfect subject choice for anyone who wishes to be involved in the huge music production industry. Yet it is also a valuable qualification for entrance into other careers too. It is a creative/IT combination subject. Multi-media is a huge employment area and can only become more

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  • Performing Arts (Acting) BTEC

    The BTEC in Performing Arts (Acting) aims to provide a broad educational base for further training, further education and employment within the performing arts sector. The course will develop learners’ abilities through the knowledge and practical skills gained in different parts of the programme. The vocational context of the course

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