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  • Performing Arts (Dance) BTEC

    A practical course designed to be the first steps in training to be a dancer. You can progress to further training or HE to study or train in Dance.

  • Photography

    Photography at Aquinas is an exciting and challenging subject that encourages students to be creative and show a more personal understanding of Photography. The aim of this course is to promote a broad based learning experience across a range of themes in digital lens based processes and practical techniques. The

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  • Physical Education

    A level Physical Education offers an exciting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of PE. Stimulating content is at the heart of these engaging qualifications, which will encourage students to immerse themselves in the world of sports and PE. Studying A Level Physical Education will give you a fantastic insight

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  • Physics

    Are you interested in the big questions in life; does a black hole lead to a parallel universe? Will we be able to travel in time? How will the universe end? Will we be able to make a simple quantum computer? The Advancing Physics course shows how Physics is exciting,

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  • Psychology

    This course is an investigation into mind and behaviour. The course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and will appeal to anyone who is interested in understanding and explaining human behaviour. Students who like Science and Maths and have effective skills in English Language will be well suited to

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  • Religious Studies (Philosophy, Ethics and Religion)

    The A-level Religious Studies course involves a rigorous study of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics and how these relate to the world in which we live and their impact on local and global issues. Students consider the deepest questions humans can ask. For example, why am I here? Why do people

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  • Sociology

    Are you interested in people’s behaviour in Britain and the world? Do you question how things work in the social world around us? The study of Sociology provides you with alternative ways of looking at society and examines how people interact as individuals and in differing social groups within Britain

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  • Spanish

    Spanish is becoming one of the most important languages in Europe and it is the most studied foreign language after English. In a worldwide context, with some 400 million speakers, it’s the third most commonly spoken language in the world (after English and Chinese), that means that, if you are

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  • Spanish GCSE

    Modern Languages Spanish · GCSE · AQA This course will enable you to: develop understanding of the spoken and written forms of the language in a range of contexts develop the ability to communicate effectively in using a range of vocabulary and structures develop knowledge and understanding of countries and

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  • Sport – OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical

    The OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical introductory/diploma in Sport is a vocational / practical based course. It is designed to give students grounding into all areas of the sports industry. The course is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the sports industry and the skills and knowledge

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  • Statistics

    Using and understanding data is becoming increasingly important in many areas of study and employment. Understanding of statistics is a crucial skill, and this A Level aims to give students the tools needed to help them prepare for higher education and the workplace. Statistics might appeal to students wishing to

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  • Textile Design

    Do you want to study a subject that is highly relevant in today’s society? Do you love textiles? From clothes to accessories, to interior design, is there something about the look and feel of textiles that appeals to you? Maybe, you’ve considered a career in textiles? Perhaps as a Textile

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