Spanish GCSE

Spanish is becoming one of the most important languages in Europe and it is the most studied foreign language after English. In a worldwide context, with some 400 million speakers, it’s the third most commonly spoken language in the world (after English and Chinese), which means that, if you are fluent in English and Spanish, you can communicate with more than half the population in the whole world. It is an official language on four continents and is of historical importance elsewhere.

Also, knowing Spanish can help speakers of English broaden their vocabulary and understand the structure of their native language better. Spanish comes from Latin and often the same Latin roots are the base of many sophisticated words in English, so Spanish learners can also become better at English.

This course will enable you to:

  • develop understanding of the spoken and written forms of the language in a range of contexts
  • develop the ability to communicate effectively in using a range of vocabulary and structures
  • develop knowledge and understanding of countries and communities,where the language is spoken.
  • provide a foundation for further study to AS in the second year

Entry Requirements 2019

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What our students say

"I thoroughly enjoy Spanish and I highlight it as my favourite lesson"