Arts & Culture

An inspiring programme of activities will enable you undertake recreational, artistic and creative activities to develop knowledge and skills. Activities include Cartooning, Japanese Culture and the College musical.


Anyone can cartoon, whether they can draw or not. Cartooning Club gives students a chance to develop and practise their individual art styles through a range of tasks. Each week has a key theme or topic designed to inspire fun and interesting artwork. Whether students want to learn a new skill, or just find the time to actually sit down and draw for a bit, Cartooning Club is a fun, sociable hour each week.

Chess Club

Students of any ability are welcome to drop into chess club. New high quality chess sets and chess clocks have been purchased for the club and instruction for novices can be given when required. We will organised some chess tournaments later in the year and possibly to have a league table. All that aside though, the main purpose of the club however is to promote an appreciation and enjoyment of chess.

College Musical

Students are given the opportunity to participate in the college musical as actors, dancers, singers, musicians and back stage workers. Inspiration is taken from West End Musicals and students are given the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences.

 Photography and Photo Editing

This activity aims to develop your Digital Photography skills and teach you how to take photographs using the full camera settings (Exposure, ISO, shutter speed, macros etc.). By becoming college photographers you will contribute to the college e-magazine “AQ”. You will take ownership of photographing college events throughout the year, supplying your photographs to the student journalism team. The activity will also introduce photo editing software, taking a tour through the basic graphic editing techniques. You will import images and then using editing techniques to improve their composition and appearance (crop, scale, hue, saturate, filtering, layering etc.). You will also learn how to optimise your photographs for display in the magazine.


 Creative Writing

This class is an opportunity for students with an interest in any kind of creative writing to meet other writers, share ideas and find inspiration. Sessions are supportive and informal, with a combination of teacher-led activities and work-in-progress readings by students. Whether you’re polishing a novel for publication or scrawling song lyrics for personal pleasure, this course has something for you.

AQ Magazine

The college magazine “AQ” has been developed to involve students as partners in capturing the very best of Aquinas College. Facilitated by the guidance of staff, students are given a voice and the chance to offer unparalleled insight into college life. Open to all students: journalism, photography, graphics, editing, researching and team work skills will be developed. Students will report and comment on college news, produce reviews, offer opinion and archive great moments at Aquinas.


The music department offers a variety of enrichment opportunities from swing band to grade 5 theory lessons. There are also opportunities to improve your musical proficiency with instrumental lessons from a private tutor.