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Ofsted Report

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Aquinas College has consistently achieved either a grade 1 or a grade 2 outcome following inspection visits.

The last full College inspection was in September 2013 with the report published in November 2013. It was resoundingly positive and reflected well on our students and staff.

The report recognised our ethos, our commitment to support our students fully, with their studies, their well-being and their development. Encouraging students to be more.

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Following a short inspection in January 2017 Ofsted confirmed that the College continues to be a good provider with effective arrangements to ensure our students are safe and feel safe. Once again the feedback received highlighted the high standards of care, support and guidance we provide our students, reflecting the outcomes in the 2013 full inspection. To read the full 2017 report and any previous reports please click the link below:

You have ensured that learners continue to receive good-quality education. You provide excellent care, support and guidance which learners value. This contributes towards the good progress made by most learners. (2017)

A strong ethos of mutual respect is evident across the college in lessons and communal areas. Behaviour is very good in lessons. (2017)

Teachers and support staff know their learners well and are quick to respond if they identify any learners at risk of not being successful on their course. As a result, the large majority of learners complete their course and are prepared well for their next step into further study or employment. (2017)