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Ofsted Report

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The last full College inspection was in April 2023 with the report published in September 2023. It was another way to say significantly positive and reflected well on our students and staff.

The report recognised our ethos, our commitment to support our students fully, with their studies, their well-being and their development. Encouraging students to be more.

Full Ofsted Report 2023 [PDF file]

Following the Inspection Ofsted confirmed that the College continues to be a good provider, cultivating a supportive learning environment where respect and positive behaviour pave the way for success. Our ambitious curriculum challenges and guides all students.  Our curriculum thrives on effective feedback and continuous improvement. Beyond academics, we prioritise well being and foster a safe and inclusive atmosphere through comprehensive safeguarding measures, supportive tutorials and diverse student- centred initiatives.


You have ensured that learners continue to receive good-quality education. You provide excellent care, support and guidance which learners value. This contributes towards the good progress made by most learners. (2017)

A strong ethos of mutual respect is evident across the college in lessons and communal areas. Behaviour is very good in lessons. (2017)

Teachers and support staff know their learners well and are quick to respond if they identify any learners at risk of not being successful on their course. As a result, the large majority of learners complete their course and are prepared well for their next step into further study or employment. (2017)