This course is designed for anyone wishing to learn how to use clay to create their own pieces of work. Not only will you learn to work with clay, you will also have the opportunity to glaze your work yourself and use the kiln to fire your pieces. You will take home all the work you produce.

Topics covered

  • Learning the basics – hand building/using moulds
  • Decoration techniques
  • How to produce your own individual work using what you have learnt
  • How to glaze your work
  • How to fire your work in the kiln
  • Health & Safety
  • Fees
    • Fees are charged termly and may vary depending on how many weeks there are in the term.

      10 WEEK TERM:    (plus extra charge for materials):

      FULL FEE:        £115.00

      BENEFIT FEE:  £55.00

      Following completion of the Autumn term, if you wish to continue attending this course you would need to re-enrol for the Spring Term and then again for the summer term, so 3 terms, 3 payments required for each term you attend, payment made prior to the term commencing.

  • Enrolment
    • Autumn Term Enrolment: FROM Monday 16th August 2021 

      Phone 0161 419 3620 to check for availability first – payment by debit/credit card only.

      Further information about enrolment can be found on the Adult Adult Education Admissions page

      Please note: Students enrolling in January or April will have missed some of the work covered during the previous terms. 

      Places will be offered on a first come first served basis only if any of those who enrolled in September have chosen to withdraw or chose not to re-enrol for the next term.

  • When can I attend?
    • Tuesday evening 6.45pm to 8.45pm