Creative Writing

Creative Writing that explores the inner you!

Writing is fun.  It develops creativity and allows us to tap into our inner world to enjoy exploring our ideas. Sometimes getting things down in black and white can even help sort out what we’re really thinking and feeling. We can perhaps even find out new things about ourselves! The course enables us to do this by exploring the different skills involved in writing poetry, short stories and non-fiction such as memoir or travel writing.​

How does it work?

Each week you will be guided through a series of writing exercises.  Some of the work will be based on free writing when you are given a stimulus and then you write whatever’s in your head, trying not to censor yourself.  Thinking too much can switch on the inner critic!  WHATEVER YOU WRITE IS RIGHT: IT’S YOURS AND NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE IT.

Should you choose to read any of what you’ve written out loud, this sharing and being heard by others in a warm and supportive atmosphere can be very powerful. We also learn to shape and improve our writing and explore where it can be published for those who want to.

Start a Journal

You will also be encouraged to keep a writer’s journal.  Regular writing in a journal – your experiences, thought, ideas – in fact just about anything that’s significant to you is guaranteed to bring more calm and creativity into your life.  What’s more, if you keep it, you’ll be left with your own personal biography; something you can re-read in the future, helping you to come to a better understanding of yourself.

  • Fees
    • Fees are charged termly and may vary depending on how many weeks there are in the term.

      10 WEEK TERM:

      FULL FEE:        £115.00

      BENEFIT FEE:  £55.00

      Following completion of the Autumn term, if you wish to continue attending this course you would need to re-enrol for the Spring Term and then again for the summer term, so 3 terms, 3 payments required for each term you attend, payment made prior to the term commencing.

  • Enrolment
    • Autumn Term Enrolment: FROM Monday 16th August 2021 

      Phone 0161 419 3620 to check for availability first – payment by debit/credit card only.

      Further information about enrolment can be found on the Adult Adult Education Admissions page

      There may be a chance to enrol for the Spring or summer terms if we have any places available but you may miss some of the content from the previous term(s).

  • When can I attend?
    • Tuesday evenings: 7 to 9 pm