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Creative Writing

Tuesday (7.00pm – 9.00pm)

Writing develops creativity and allows us to tap into our inner world to enjoy exploring our ideas. Sometimes getting things down in black and white can even help sort out what we’re really thinking and feeling. The course enables us to do this by exploring the different skills involved in writing poetry, short stories and non-fiction such as memoir or travel writing. 

Each week you will be guided through a series of writing exercises. Some of the work will be based on free writing when you are given a stimulus and asked to write whatever’s in your head, trying not to censor yourself.  Thinking too much can switch on the inner critic! Your work is private and will not be shared with others. If you choose to read any of what you’ve written out loud, this sharing and being heard by others in a warm and supportive atmosphere can be very powerful. We also learn to shape and improve our writing and explore, for those who want to, where it can be published. 

You will also be encouraged to keep a writer’s journal.  Regular writing in a journal – your experiences, thoughts, ideas – in fact just about anything that’s significant to you is guaranteed to bring more creativity into your life.  What’s more, your journal can leave you with your own personal biography; something you can re-read with pleasure and use to develop new writing.


No experience needed, just a lot of enthusiasm!


You will need to bring the following:

  • Paper or notebook to write in 
  • Pen
  • Fees
    • Autumn – £170.04

      Spring – £

      Summer – £

  • Enrolment
    • Online enrolment available from:

      1st August for autumn term

      4th December for spring term

      18th March for summer term