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Monday (6.50pm – 7.50pm and 8.00pm – 9.00pm)

Pilates exercises strengthen and tone muscles and can improve flexibility, balance and posture.

The class is suitable for all levels including beginners and all exercises can be adapted for individual needs.

There is a focus on working the core muscles in the stomach and back but throughout the course there will be exercises for the whole body. Although it may not look strenuous it can be challenging. Breathing is an important principle of Pilates and you will learn how to use your breath to assist with the movements.

All classes will start with a warm up then progress to standing exercises, seated and/or lying down exercises and will finish with a relaxation and stretch section. This class is a general fitness class so if you have any health issues you may need to seek advice from a medical professional before enrolling.

Although many Pilates exercises are safe to perform during pregnancy this class is not suitable for anyone more than 20 weeks pregnant as this would require a more specialised class.

No experience needed but you need to be able to lie on the floor. Exercises can be modified for all levels.

Participants will need to bring the following:
A mat to lie on
If you struggle to lie flat on your back with your head on the floor you can also bring a yoga block or cushion to use like a pillow

Please wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in. You can do the exercises in socks or bare feet.

  • Fees
    • Autumn term – £88.48

      Spring term – £69.52

      Summer term – £69.52

  • Enrolment
    • Online enrolment available from:

      1st August for autumn term

      4th December for spring term

      18th March for summer term