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Adult Students Crack the Case

Group of students holding copies of the book, sitting around a table.

Students from our Adult Education Centre recently took part in celebrations for World Book Night. World Book Night is an event which takes place on 23 April each year, this being the date attributed to both Shakespeare’s birth in 1564 and his death in 1616.

Copies of Agatha Christie’s The Double Clue, kindly provided by the Reading Agency, were given out to students from the Functional Skills Literacy and ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) courses, and they also enjoyed a cup and a slice of cake.

A little reading can go a long way. It can connect us to others, spark curiosity, boost our self-esteem and support our mental health. According to research, adults who read for just 30 minutes a week are 20% more likely to report greater life satisfaction, 18% more likely to have higher self-esteem, 52% more likely to feel socially included and 37% more likely to get greater pleasure out of their social life.

Further Information

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You can find more information about World Book Night here.

Picture of a cake with World Book Night flags Group of students holding copies of the book, seated around a low table.