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AQ News goes Live: Exciting New Enrichment Project

Guests discuss a live on camera for AQ News.

Exciting times unfold at Aquinas College as we proudly announce the launch of AQ News, our dynamic College News Broadcast. In its inaugural installment, AQ News takes you on a journey through the latest updates at Aquinas, such as the India Project, a special guest interview from the Student Council and an outline of the latest enrichment on offer. AQ News allows students to showcase a blend of presenting, journalism, editing, videography, and real-world skills from within the Creative Sector.

This innovative enrichment not only informs but empowers students to harness a diverse set of talents, fostering creativity and collaboration. Stay tuned for more engaging stories, where Aquinas comes alive through the lens of AQ News!

The main presenter presenting AQ NewsStudents being interviewed for AQ news