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Aquinas arts students help promote Stockport Enduro and Cycling Festival

Stockport Enduro and Cycling Festival promotion

At the end of last summer our current U6 students took part in a live brief in conjunction with Stockport Mersey way, to produce a piece of work either; promoting ‘Cycling in Stockport’ or the ‘Stockport Enduro Cycling Festival’. We are very proud of all our students work and Mersey Way Centre Manager Victoria Nichols said ‘we have loved reviewing all the Artwork, we have been so impressed with everyone’s efforts, it was very difficult to choose’.

After much deliberation we are pleased to announce that the following students have been chosen to receive an award for their work by the Mersey Way Centre Manager and her team and our Principal. The work is currently exhibited in a window display in Mersey Way Shopping Centre on Bond Street and can be viewed via the links below for each subject.

Art, Craft & Design

Art, Craft and Design award winners

1st Place – Bea Hayes
2nd Place – Eleanor Birkett
3rd Place – Eleanor Ratcliff
Aquinas Award – Amealia Wharmby
Art, Craft and Design Picture Gallery

Graphic Design

Graphic Design award winner

1st Place – Sam Siddall
2nd Place – Eve Cunningham
3rd Place – Christopher Hillman
Aquinas Award – Emmi Stuart Crush
Graphic Design Picture Gallery

Textile Design

Textile design award winner

1st Place – Megan Johnson
2nd Place – Maddie Burrows
3rd Place – Ashleigh West
Aquinas Award – Dunya Bueler
Textile Design Picture Gallery


Photography award winners

1st Place – James Emmerson
2nd Place – Fin Clemens
3rd Place – Mia Hancock
Aquinas Award – Eve Huxley
Photography Gallery

3D Design

3D Design award winners

1st Place – Andrea Gomez
2nd Place – Daniel Bridgehouse
3rd Place – Sam Fergusson
Aquinas Award – Lily Dalkin Strube
3D Design Picture Gallery

More Information

Stockport Enduro Festival

You can find out more about our Art and Design courses from the following links:-
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Graphic Design
Textile Design
3D Design

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