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Aquinas College’s India Project

Aquinas College’s India Project is making a significant difference in the lives of underprivileged children in Mumbai. Since 2005, the college has partnered with Prem Dan, a Catholic charity running schools for preschool children in the city’s slums. This year alone, Aquinas  46 students accompanied volunteered at Prem Dan, where they conducted workshops, donated educational materials, and forged lasting connections with the children.

The project goes beyond volunteering, as Aquinas students also actively fundraise through the Aquinas India Project. These funds are used to sponsor children’s education, providing them with essential resources like school fees, books, equipment, and even after-school meals. Sponsorships cost £130 per year for 10 years, and most importantly, equip children with the gift of English language, opening doors to better schools, higher education, and ultimately, brighter futures. The project’s success stories are numerous, with many sponsored children achieving higher education or securing well-paying jobs.

However, the pandemic has seen a drop in sponsorships, prompting Aquinas College to seek new supporters. Visit the Prem Dan website to learn more and consider joining Aquinas College in nurturing dreams and transforming lives.