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Aquinas music technology students visit ‘Art of Sound’ exhibition

AMS Neve trip

On Thursday 12th July 8 Music Technology students and 3 members’ of staff visited the ‘Art of Sound’ exhibition and factory tour at AMS Neve in Burnley.

AMS Neve is a manufacturer of mixing consoles that originated in the work of Rupert Neve in the 1960s. Neve analogue consoles have been considered to be of such high quality that many of twenty or thirty years of age are still in use today at recording studios around the world—even as digital audio has taken over many aspects of recording technology. Studios with Neve equipment are often sought out by musicians. Models such as the ‘1073’ and ‘1081’ microphone preamps are still among the most popular and expensive in the recording world. Today, the company produces digital consoles as well as analogue systems.

Students were given introduction to the company mixing desks that have been used on countless albums and block buster films. Students were then invited to use some of the mixing desks to make their own mixes of famous tracks by the likes of Stevie Wonder and the Eagles. Finally students were invited to tour the factory where the company’s legendary equipment is made.