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Becca’s Poetry Triumph

Becca Donnelly holding up her award

Budding writer Becca Donnelly in TG6A6 was encouraged to enter the national Young Writers Award last term and her hard work and creativity has paid off! Becca was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the competition holders and her poetry will be published in the Young Writers Award 2023 Poetry Anthology. Her tutor Samantha Quinn said, “This is such a fantastic achievement!”

Becca said she was inspired to write the poem because, people are still fighting for rights that they should have had years ago, and are still struggling with a system that their ancestors setup. She added, “People are meant to cry and have rights. It’s basic human values.”

Becca’s poem:

Another light, another day
Another fight because of rights
Men cower away from emotion
Women fighting over equality
Forever protesting for us
Children carrying away from speech
Bringing more problems into light
Silent generations speak out
Leaders conjuring wars daily
The predictability
The beginning of the fast end
The world will end at the hands of us