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Drama A level Students go back to the Theatre

War of the Worlds theatre production

U6 and L6 Aquinas Drama A level students have been back at the Theatre again; it’s been fantastic to get back into Manchester watching and supporting our amazing Manchester Theatres getting back to doing what they do so well! On 29th September L6 students visited ‘Home Theatre’ to watch an exciting and dynamic production of ‘War of the Worlds’ by Rhum and Clay Theatre Company. This was a brilliant multi-layered performance with extensive use of lighting, sound, projections and physical theatre work. On 13th October U6 students visited The Royal Exchange Theatre to watch ‘The Mountaintop’ by Katori Hall, directed by Roy Weise. This was a brilliant play a “laugh-out-loud, visceral and powerful drama which reimagines the eve of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and asks what the makings of a hero are”. The students really enjoyed the visits and studying these plays becomes an essential aspect of their core studies in the subject.

Mountain top theatre production

Photography Credits

Mountaintop: Image courtesy of Helen Murray

War of the Worlds (featured photograph): Image courtesy of David Sandison

Further Information

Home Manchester: Rhum and Clay Theatre Company – The War of the Worlds
Royal Exchange Theatre: Mountaintop

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