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Geology students visit New Build Construction Site

A photograph of students visiting the new build site.

Lower 6th Geologists had a field trip to our new build site at Aquinas College. Firstly, we visited the site office where Mick explained the groundworks to our students. We learned where, why and how the piling has been constructed. Mick told us about ensuring that the building was strong enough to withstand local wind conditions and how the engineers had overcome the unexpected issue of methane in the ground by installing vents.

Our students then had a tour of the site looking at the construction of the piles. Mick explained that the steel is good for tension forces whereas concrete is good for compression forces so the piles are made of both materials. Mick and the team were lovely and have invited the students to speak to them any time if they have further questions.

Engineering geology is part of the Upper 6th A level course and the site visit will really bring their future learning to life.
We are looking forward to meeting the Green Roof specialist on 7th May as some of our students are interested in a career in this field.

Further Information

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Geology A-level

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Photograph of students learning about the new site in portable office on the new building site.