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Level 3 Results

Congratulations to our students who received their A Level and BTEC results yesterday. We are delighted for them and we are very proud of their achievements.

We have an A Level Pass Rate of 98% and half of all students have achieved high grades of A*, A and B. 81 of our students achieved at least one A* grade and 32 of our students achieved at least two A* grades.

BTEC results are also very strong with a Pass Rate of 100% with 74% gaining Distinction * and 89% gaining Distinction*-Distinction.

We are also delighted that 5 of our students have secured places at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Although the national picture will show no significant overall change in grades awarded this year, the national picture is like an average and it masks huge variations. A high proportion of Sixth form colleges, in which 1 in 4 of all A levels is taken, have experienced inexplicable variations. The solution is to shift the focus away from year-on-year comparability and use Centre Assessed Grades as the truest measure, even if it means accepting some grade inflation this year. Despite the fact that our results at Aquinas overall are very similar to past performance, it is clear that the way that the grades submitted by teachers have been downgraded by the formula used to adjust them this year has adversely affected some individual students and we call on the Government to address this situation.