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Pathways Help Create Environmental Mural

Photograph of Pathways artwork at Merseyway in Stockport

Pathways students have been collecting lids from bottles, kindly donated by Aquinas students, the Pathways staff and their families for a recycling project working with Plastic Shed in Stockport. They are a community based charity focussed on addressing the issue of plastic pollution with social projects. The students have been cleaning, sorting and organising the lids into different colours, and sending them to Plastic Shed’s warehouse. The students have then worked with Plastic Shed using these bottle tops to create a mural on Underbank in Stockport. Why not go on down there and visit to see this amazing piece of Artwork!

Further Information

You can find out more about our Pathways course by using the following link: Pathways Course.

Photograph of Pathways students helping to create a moral.Additional photograph of another group of Pathways students helping to create a moral.