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Pathways Reading Challenge

Photograph of a group of students completing a reading challenge with a teacher.

A reading challenge was recently concluded after an engaging six-week journey. The challenge was undertaken by a group of 19 pathways students. Throughout the six-week challenge, the students immersed themselves in reading their lovely books.

The books that they liked were annuals, Disney, transport, football, and cooking. These activities enriched the students’ reading experience. We provided them with a dairy to take notes and share their thoughts. It was fantastic to see everyone joining in the fun, celebrating with such enthusiasm, and spreading reading magic.

A special ceremony was organised to honour their commitment, where certificates were presented. In addition to the certificates, the students were also awarded gift coupons as a token of appreciation for their hard work and passion for reading. Will Dawson and Diana Greenidge presented the certificates to the student. They commended the students for their dedication and expressed their hope for a love with books. The six-week journey instilled in them a love for reading.

Further Information

You can find out more about our Pathways course by using the following link: Pathways Course.

Photograph of a group of pathways students holding up their certificatesAdditional photograph of another group of Pathways students.