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Physics students take a trip to CERN

The CERN physics facility building in Geneva

We took 30 students on a two-day trip to Geneva to visit the world’s largest science experiment – the giant Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator and detector. Whilst there students toured two main facilities – the data processing centre and the small synchrotron particle accelerator.

The students also had the chance to explore Geneva, as well as experiencing undoubted highlights such as travelling on a double-decker train and visiting the Geneva Museum of Natural History, where the star attraction was Janus the two-headed tortoise.

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Students being shown around the small synchrotron particle accelerator at CERN. The small synchrotron particle accelerator at CERN

Picture of a diagram illustrating all the particle accelerator facilities at CERN. Students in silhouette at the Geneva Museum of Natural History.