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Religious Studies Students visit Places of Worship in Manchester

RE trip

RE Trip

Recently a number of Aquinas students visited places of worship in Manchester as part of their Religious Studies course.

Firstly, we visited Audacious Church, which is an Evangelical place of worship based in Salford. Its atmosphere differed greatly to that of a traditional church setting, as it was more lively and vibrant, with singing being a huge focus within the church. We were given a great opportunity to ask a wide array of questions relating to the subject’s curriculum, covering topics such as their church’s worship style, sacraments and views on God. The followers of the church also shared their personal examples of miracles they had experienced and how this had strengthened their faith. The people made us feel very welcome and at ease. This was shortly followed by a visit to Manchester Cathedral, where we observed different pieces of religious artwork and symbols. We explored a wide range of topics, such as the birth narratives and Jesus’ resurrection. We had lots of discussions and made connections with different aspects of the course. Exploring both places helped us see how the topics covered in religious studies actually affect and influence religious believers in real life, which was both interesting and enhanced our knowledge. I found the whole day to be extremely informative and beneficial. I would definitely recommend it.​

By Yasemin Kobak