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Sakura Cherry Tree Project

Students standing outside the Cherry Tree

Staff and students standing next to the Cherry Tree

Aquinas College is delighted to have been chosen to receive the wonderful gift of a cherry tree as part of Sakura Cherry Tree Project celebrating UK-Japan friendship.

The particular variety chosen, the Great White, had actually become extinct in Japan and was re-introduced from the UK.

This small tree will take decades to mature and it symbolises hope that, as it grows strong, so will the friendship between the UK and Japan continue to grow and strengthen for future generations.

The cherry blossom is the Japanese national flower and visitors travel far and wide to see the cherry blossoms as they bloom. Seeing the blossoms in Japan is one of the main reasons people visit the country during the spring.

Other than just for their beauty, there are many different ways cherry blossoms are significant in Japan; they feature prominently in Japanese history, poetry and culture. They can symbolise the fleeting nature of life (rooted in the Buddhist approach to mortality), fresh starts and even people coming together in friendship.

How lovely that we have our own little piece of Japan here at Aquinas!

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Facility staff planting the new treeDanny and Andy standing next to the new tree
Staff and students standing next to the Cherry TreeStudents and staff celebrating the planting of the new tree