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Spirit Studios Music Technology Trip

Aquinas students from the Music Production course standing by the Neve Desk at Spirit Studios.

This trip was a fantastic opportunity for students to gain extra ‘hands-on’ music production experience, the visit consisted of two workshops and a tour of the state-of-the-art facilities. One of the workshops allowed students access to highly accurate recreations of keyboard instruments and synthesizers from the 1960s onwards along with an informative presentation, giving context and posing students questions about the pros and cons of modern and vintage sound design equipment. The second workshop provided a similar evaluation with regards to how multitracked music is mixed; what are the benefits and drawbacks of a 1970s approach to completing the production process? The students initially found the huge mixing desk daunting but with the deft direction of the Spirit lecturers, they were soon at ease working purposefully with the Neve board and other outboard equipment.

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