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Student Voice – Aquinas Values

T2 Day Aquinas Values

Our students have been discussing Aquinas Values in tutorial and on a recent T2 Day.

On T2 Day, Wednesday 9.11.16, students were asked the following question:

What are Aquinas values? What do they mean to you as a student at Aquinas College?

Students were invited to complete an anonymous post-IT note with their response.

Well, we had a fantastic response receiving just short of 400 replies.

Student responses covered themes such as community, mutual respect, tolerance of one another, feeling safe, being supported, high standards, equality, feeling valued, freedom and friendliness to name but a few. Here is a taste of some of the replies.

Aquinas Values mean to our students…

“Aquinas values are the values that help us to ‘be more’ and better citizens. They promote respect for others and to offer a helping hand to the less fortunate.”

 “Everyone is very caring and respectful”

“They mean respect”

“They motivate me to “Be More”’

“Be punctual, have 100% attendance, work hard, respect the college”

“Be a kind, helpful person”

“It means to respect one another’s opinions. Accept people for who they are.”

 “They’re values which encourage well-being within the college community and encourage achieving the best of everyone’s ability”

 “Being kind to everyone and the values help me to learn and get things done. The atmosphere is nice and peaceful.”

“Rule and values I must implement into my Aquinas life”

A display of responses is up on the main Student Street.

Many thanks to our students for their mature and thoughtful contribution.