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The Sustainability Challenge!

29 Upper Sixth Environmental Science students recently took part in a Sustainability Workshop at Manchester Museum.

On Thursday 16th February 2017 students and staff headed in to Manchester.

Once at the Museum they enjoyed looking around the many exhibits the Museum has to offer.

The Manchester Museum is part of Manchester University.

Environmental sustainability is a major part of its work.

“As a university museum, the Manchester Museum uses its international collection of human and natural history for enjoyment and inspiration, working with people from all backgrounds to provoke debate and reflection about the past, present and future of the earth and its inhabitants.” (Extract from Manchester Museum website)

So, unsurprisingly part of the day involved a sustainability challenge, and would you know it one of the Aquinas Teams won!

We are expecting a full article, covering the days events, to appear in the Spring edition of the College’s AQ Magazine.

It is hoped that students will be able to share the details of their winning idea, “insects as food”.

Well done to all involved.

A very full, but seemingly, very successful day.