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Gander chamber of commerce Seashell Trust

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Many congratulations to our student entrepreneurs, competition winners!

On Tuesday 7th February ’17 Carol Mayall (Head of Careers) took two groups of students to the final presentations of the Young Business of the Year Competition run by Gander and the Seashell Trust, and they came home with prizes and fantastic comments about their work.

MHaytwitter2The students had to set up businesses, one selling drinks, cakes and cookies, the other selling items to reduce stress, bath products, mindfulness books and adult colouring books. They attended events to promote and sell their products, including a football competition at the Trafford Soccerdome and a Christmas Toy Sale at Seashell Trust, as well as selling items in College.


The students had to work with a mentor, produce a business plan and then present in front of a panel of judges and the other students present. The mentors were Michelle Hay, who has her own training business and Fiona Brindle, a marketing executive, from Capita.

There were seven teams, Cheadle and Marple had four teams and Stockport College had one. Prizes were awarded to the best group from each college but Aquinas won the overall competition. The winning Aquinas team, Solarium sold drinks and snacks raising £216. Carol Mayall commented, “Both our teams have been wonderful, throughout the competition and on the night. Solarium’s presentation on the day was excellent, the three students who presented were confident, clear and answered the questions put to them at the end of the presentation.”


Entrants were judged on their business report, which was marked by a judging group before the presentations. The business report and marks were not given to the presentation panel; they just marked the students on the presentation they saw on the day. The marks were then added together to determine the overall winner.

Among the prizes the winning team have gone away with are, £10 amazon vouchers, tickets for bowling and vouchers for Burger King.

Aquinas Principal Danny Pearson, commented, “Many thanks to Gander and the Seashell Trust for coming together to provide this opportunity for Stockport’s young people. The mentors have been great with our students; we thank them very much for their time and commitment to the teams. What a fantastic experience it has been. Well done to our Teams, you have done yourselves and Aquinas proud.”


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