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GCSE & Functional Skill Courses

We will be taking applications for September 2021 from Monday 10th MAY 2021.

Year after year GCSE subjects are a popular choice with mature students. They provide experience and the challenge of academic study after some years away from the classroom. Success at this level is a great confidence builder and has led to improved employment prospects and further study for past students. Classes are small and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. Additional support with GCSEs is available on Monday and Tuesday evenings – please phone 0161 419 3620 for information.

All GCSE courses start in September and last for approximately 32 weeks. Most courses have three hours teaching each week (course times vary) and you must be prepared to do separate study/homework allowing at least three hour’s per subject each week. English GCSE has a separate spoken language unit and Science GCSE has practical laboratory units which need to be completed during the course. Examinations are held during the months of May and June 2021 in the daytime either morning or afternoon.

What evening are they held:

English and Maths (foundation level) are on either Monday or Tuesday evening:   6 to 9 pm

*Please note: Science GCSE will require attendance on both Monday AND Tuesday evenings 6 to 9 pm, therefore you cannot choose to do any other GCSE subjects during the academic year.

Entry Requirements:

English & Maths – you should ideally have a Grade D (3) in these subjects or Functional Skills Level 2.

Science*: you should ideally have a Grade C (4) or above in English and Maths or Functional Skills Level 2.


English & Maths (foundation) GCSEs are free if you have not yet achieved a Grade ‘C’.

Science GCSE is £450.00 or it would be free if you are in receipt of:


ESA (work related activity group)

Universal Credit

Evidence for the above benefits would be required prior to you starting a course.

Low Income:   earning less than £18,135 annual gross salary:

Low Income Evidence Required:  wage slip within 3 months of your start date or current employment contract, stating gross monthly/annual wage)

Functional Skills – see below




  • How and when to apply for these courses
    • The GCSE application form is now available on our website. You can print this off to complete by hand, or save it to your computer and complete it electronically. The form can then be posted, emailed or handed into Aquinas College Adult Education reception.

      The application form can be found in the downloads section at the bottom of this page<./strong>

      Please post your application to:

      Aquinas College Adult Education
      Nangreave Road
      SK2 6TH

      Alternatively you may email your application to: [email protected]

      Once received the application form is considered by course tutors and a letter will be sent to either invite you for interview/assessment or to suggest an alternative course.

  • How do we assess your suitability for a course?
    • Once your application has been received, you will be asked to attend an interview to discuss the course further and demonstrate to the course tutor/advisor that you have the commitment and skills necessary to successfully complete the course. You will complete Initial Assessments in literacy and/or numeracy at this interview (Science assessment for GCSE Science). The completion and results of the assessment(s) ensure you receive the correct advice and guidance.

      You will be advised before you leave college whether you are being offered a place and given a date to return to enrol during the month of August when you will be given starting information.

  • Late Applications
    • Applications received after the 28th August will be accepted if there are still places available. If there are no places, you will be held on a pending list until mid-September.

When you attend the interview, we generally ask you to take two short tests or you may be required to do written tests. These are to find out your level of skills in English and maths or basic science knowledge. The tests (assessments) are tools to help us determine what’s the best course for your level of skills. It also lets us know if you need any support with your studies.

The test instructions are easy to follow. You will have plenty of time to work through the questions.

Examination dates cannot be changed, so before enrolling please ensure you have not booked holidays which may clash with examination dates!

You will be expected to complete the whole course and take all the examinations if you enrol. The English, Mathematics and Science GCSE subjects are intended as ‘revision’ courses so that you can improve a previous grade.


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