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Core Studies

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All students at Aquinas follow Core Studies consisting of three elements:  Tutor Group, Core RE and Enrichment.

Core RE

Our course identifies and promotes exploration of and reflection upon questions which have ultimate meaning and significance. Students are encouraged to develop skills of critical enquiry and analysis. The programme centres on core ideas central to religion, philosophy, faith, trust, belief, values and needs. It is seen as an open-ended search for truth which respects the freedom and dignity of each student. Core RE is compulsory for every Aquinas student.

More information about Core RE at Aquinas

Tutor Group & 10:10 programme

When you start at Aquinas you will become a member of a tutor group, this is an important part of the guidance and support system.

The group meets weekly. The Group Tutor will be each student’s first point of contact and provides support with any difficulties encountered on a day-to-day basis. Also Tutor Groups work through the College’s 10:10 programme.

The 10:10 Programme concentrates on each student’s personal, social and career development. At regular intervals, one-to-one discussions take place with the group tutor. These cover, in detail, the progress made in every area of College life. This discussion is a two-way process; students are required to take an active part in reviewing their work, setting specific targets to be achieved during the next assessment period, as well as recording their involvement in College life.


At Aquinas we run a full programme of activities which offer students really exciting and diverse experiences. Some  are short 6 week courses and others  are full year programmes.

All students can to choose an enrichment activity during or shortly after enrolment at “Freshers Fair”.

Find out more about enrichment activities