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Geography has modules in physical and human geography. Students develop skills in mathematics, analysis and extended writing. Practical work within the specification is one of the attractions of Geography and a minimum of 4 days is spent on compulsory fieldwork. This includes a compulsory residential trip. (Bursary students may be given assistance towards costs). 20% of the A Level consists of an Independent Investigation and 80% examination.

Geography is a highly valued facilitating A Level, greatly desired by universities and businesses. 80% of the course consists of three examination papers: 2 hours and 15 minutes each of mostly essay writing along with data response and maths questions. 20% is coursework -completed in Upper Sixth. Students must be able to attend residential fieldwork.

  • Course Outline
    • The course consists of three externally examined
      papers and one coursework component:

      Paper 1 (2 hours and 15 minutes: 105 marks: 30% of qualification)

      • Tectonic Processes and Hazards
      • Coastal Landscapes and Change
      • The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
      • The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security

      Paper 2 (2 hours and 15 minutes: 105 marks: 30% of qualification)

      • Regenerating Places
      • Globalisation
      • Health, Human Rights and Intervention
      • <Superpowers

      Paper 3 (2 hours and 15 minutes : 70 marks: 20% of qualification)

      Synoptic investigation based on three compulsory areas:

      • Players
      • Attitudes and actions
      • Futures and uncertainties

      Questions may relate to any of the four core topics

      Coursework: Independent Investigation (non- examined assessment : 70 marks: 20 % of qualification)

      Written report of 3,000-4,000 words on any topic relating to the compulsory or optional specification content

  • Career opportunities and further study
    • Geography is currently the second most employable degree and lends itself to any career that requires candidates to be versatile and have broad range of skills.

      Possible career routes include –

      • CEO
      • Pilot
      • Teacher
      • Town Planning
      • Hazard management
      • Accountancy
      • Flood management
      • Environmental management
      • Local government
      • Event management
      • Development/Charity work
      • Quantity surveyor
  • Trips and Events
    • This course requires a compulsory residential trip. For more information about this trip please see the Trips and Travel page

      Past trips have included Universities and Museums.

  • Useful Links

Geography is one of those richly comprehensive subjects, whose relevance is all around us.. More than ever we need the geographer's skills and foresight to help us learn about our planet - how we use it and how we abuse it.
Michael Palin

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