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Japanese SEG

This is a course for complete beginners so you will learn Japanese from scratch. Prior knowledge of the language may be an advantage but it is certainly not essential.

This one year course will enable you to:

  • Use the language creatively and imaginatively
  • Use the language effectively for purposes of practical communication
  • Gain an insight into the culture and civilisation of Japan

The reasons for wanting to study Japanese are many and varied: students may be driven by a love of manga and anime or just want to discover more about the culture that gave us numerous martial arts and Hello Kitty.

Whatever the reason, studying Japanese is certain to fascinate and inspire. Studying Japanese means students are learning a language that is utterly different from English. Students will probably view language learning in a very different way. It means learning to form verbs or using words according not just to the tense but also to politeness. If that sounds difficult, there are many ways in which it is easier to learn than more commonly learnt European languages. There are no grammatical genders and verbs are easier to form. Last but definitely not least, Japanese is really easy to pronounce.

  • Course Outline
    • The course consists of 6 practical topics:

      1. Self introduction (myself, family, friends)
      2. Daily routine
      3. Shopping
      4. At Restaurant
      5. Booking into Hotels
      6. Travelling Around the country

      This QCA recognised qualification will develop learners’ 4 skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students progress by completing assessments through the year. On successful completion of this qualification, learners can choose to further their knowledge by taking the one year GCSE in Japanese, in the second year.

      The SEG award complements a broad range qualifications available at Aquinas.

      As well as your lessons with your teacher, you will have a timetabled workshop each week in smaller groups to focus on speaking and listening.

  • Career Opportunities & Further Study
    • Knowledge of a language as distinctive and different as Japanese will make you stand out over people who can only speak one. It will make students more employable. The service industries, business, manufacturing, banking, finance, Law, journalism need people who can speak more than one language.

  • Trips and Events
    • Students who take the subject can go on a trip to Japan. They will visit shrines, temples, high tech centres in Tokyo, the centre for world peace in Hiroshima, and our partner high school in Kyoto, the historic former capital of Japan.

  • Useful Links

Entry Requirements 2024

You can view provisional entry requirements for courses that start in 2024 from the link below. Please note that your enrolment on to a particular course must be approved by the Head of that department.

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