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Physical Education

A-Level Physical Education offers an exciting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the scientific, psychological and historical components of PE and Sport. Stimulating content is at the heart of this engaging qualification, which will encourage students to immerse themselves in all aspects of the theoretical content. Studying A Level Physical Education will give you a fantastic insight into the amazing and evolving world of sports performance. Not only will you have the chance to perform a sport through the non-exam assessment component, you will also develop a wide-ranging knowledge into the how and why of physical activity and sport.

The combination of physical performance and academic challenge provides an exciting opportunity for students. This course will develop analytical students who work equally well independently as they do in a team, and who are striving to improve performance through the application of theoretical concepts.

  • Course Outline
    • 3 examined units – worth 70% of the A level

      • Component 1: Physiological factors affecting performance (01)
      • Component 2: Psychological factors affecting performance (02)
      • Component 3: Socio-Cultural issues in physical activity and Sport (03)

      Non examined element (NEA) – worth 30% of the A level

      • Performance in Physical Education, assessed in ONE sport from a chosen list
      • EAPI oral assessment (15%)
  • Career opportunities and further study
    • This is a science based course that is linked to Physiotherapy, Sports Science, Nutrition and Coaching Science or teaching. However, due to the diversity and transferable skills the course offers students have gone on to study Engineering, Biomedical Science and Chemistry.

  • Useful Links
  • Trips and Events
    • The department is involved with the British Colleges sporting fixtures for football, netball, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, athletics, swimming and golf (and many more events) we also offer a non-competitive enrichment activities such as the multi gym.

      As a department we offer many team building opportunities and day trips as well as visits to local universities to participate in science lab testing for fitness.

Entry Requirements 2024

You can view provisional entry requirements for courses that start in 2024 from the link below. Please note that your enrolment on to a particular course must be approved by the Head of that department.

Subject Entry Requirements

What our students say

“I would recommend the course but I would warn prospective students that the course is mostly theory, with a high level of scientific content.”

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