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Student Council

Aquinas Student Council 2011


It is a very interesting time for the Student Council at Aquinas College. Every year we become bigger and better, with this year being no exception. We are a range of students from both years and from across the whole college community. Student Council meetings are hosted, at present, on Tuesday and Thursday break-times in the Meeting Room. All are encouraged to participate and agendas of meetings vary according to the time of the year.

Our primary function is to represent students and enhance the quality of college life from a student perspective. We hope to ensure that students’ opinions are considered in the day to day administration and future plans of Aquinas. This function is achieved through Student Council members being representatives on a variety of staff groups, for example Equality & Diversity, Healthy College and others. The Council President is also a Governor of the college and works closely with the Principal. Throughout the year, the Council liaises with students to gain feedback and opinions.

Elections for the posts of President and Vice President take place towards the end of November. The whole college student body votes in the election. Any Lower Sixth student can put his/her name forward and time is set aside for campaigning, with full college support provided.

The Student Council also aims to ensure that students enjoy their time at Aquinas College and so organises a range of events/activities throughout the academic calendar, for example the Talent Show and the Upper Sixth Leavers’ Ball.