Yoga helps to restore accessory movements to your joints and increases vitality, strength and offers a sense of well-being.  It is a simple and effective way of keeping the joints open; stretching out all the kinks and bends we develop with the passing years.  In short it keeps your joints young.  Yoga also stretches the tissues and creates a vigorous blood supply which mops up, cleanses and rejuvenates the skeleton.  The good news is that anyone can do it, from the creakiest to the most flexible person.  After stretching out we enjoy a period of meditative relaxation aimed at calming the mind and the muscles.

  • Learn to improve postures (Asanas) and flexibility from the introductory, intermediate junior and senior syllabus from the Iyengar Yoga (UK) Ltd syllabus.

When can I attend

Tuesday:    Mixed ability:     7.30-9 pm            Advanced:     6 – 7.30 pm

Autumn Term Enrolment:     FROM Monday 6 August 2018 onward

Phone 0161 419 9163 or call into college to enrol in person.


Actual Autumn term fee:                      Full fee £115.50         Benefit fee:  £54.75

Actual spring term fee:                         Full fee £99.00           Benefit fee:  £47.00

Estimated summer term fee:              Full fee £90.75         Benefit fee: £43.00