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Aspire not to have more, but to be more
- Saint Óscar Romero
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  1. Group of students inside the Royal Exchange Theatre

    Aquinas students get a “Taste of Honey”

    L6 Drama A Level visited the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester on Tuesday 26th March to watch the latest theatre production and participate in a career’s focused Q+A session with the actors from the show. The play was written by 18 year old Shelagh Delaney back in 1958 and is... Read More

  2. Photograph of Pathways artwork at Merseyway in Stockport

    Pathways Help Create Environmental Mural

    Pathways students have been collecting lids from bottles, kindly donated by Aquinas students, the Pathways staff and their families for a recycling project working with Plastic Shed in Stockport. They are a community based charity focussed on addressing the issue of plastic pollution with social projects. The students have been... Read More

  3. Photograph of Harry working out solutions to the problem.

    Harry’s Coding Triumph

    Inversity is a program supported by leading technology firms and government that aims to solve some of worlds ‘s most important challenges. It aims to help college students develop essential technology skills and an understanding of how to apply artificial intelligence to create solutions to real world problems. By doing... Read More

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Why do so many students want to come to Aquinas?

A real sense of community and cohesion exists here that isn't present anywhere else. So many different people come together to make an incredible atmosphere that really demonstrates the diverse and familiar vibe of Aquinas
Amy (student)