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About Aquinas College

Aquinas College is a Catholic sixth form college providing for over 2000 students over the age of sixteen. We were established in 1980, the college is owned by the Diocese of Shrewsbury and funded by the Learning and Skills Council.

The college’s philosophy is based on the values contained in the Gospel, specifically those of freedom, justice and love. We welcome all young adults who wish to share in the Christian environment which we aim to foster. This environment is characterised by the individual care, guidance and support of each student as well as by the highest standards of academic work. The college aims to help each student grow towards fully mature adulthood by providing experiences which help in the search for truth, in making informed decisions, in accepting responsibility for one’s actions and in co-operating with others. We strive to achieve this in an atmosphere that is adult, friendly and wholly supportive.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, after whom the college is named, was born around 1225 near Aquino in southern Italy. He studied first at Monte Cassino and then at the University of Naples before going on to Paris and Cologne as a member of the Dominican order. Thomas was an outstanding writer and teacher of philosophy and theology. He died at Fossanuova in 1274.

As well as being the patron saint of our college, Thomas is also celebrated as the patron of students, theologians and universities. His feast day is celebrated on 28th January each year.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us.

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